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What is Go LA?

The City of Los Angeles is introducing the Go LA app, powered by Conduent, a solution that integrates all the available methods of getting around the second largest metro area in the United States. The Go LA app captures all forms of transportation options and computes the fastest, cheapest, and most sustainable way to get to your destination.

Where can I download the app?

The Go LA app is now available for iOS and Android in the Apple and Google Play stores. A customized version of this app will be rolled out by the City of Denver in February 2016.

Can I also access the information from my desktop or pad?

Yes, the web address is

Where can I find a video explanation of the app?

In our home.

I have some ideas for new providers to be added to the app, how shall I give feedback?

We are thrilled to incorporate new providers. There are many ways you can contact us:

  1. In the app:
    • Feedback form on the main menu
    • iPhone - take a screenshot and send a feedback or report a problem Android - shaking the phone will take the screenshot and will allow you to send a feedback or report a problem
  2. On the website:
    • 'Contact us' form
    • Feedback form

How does the Go LA app work?

Conduent has created a flexible and easy to deploy platform that aggregates data sources and interfaces from various existing and emerging public and private transport providers. The platform intricately processes all the inputs to provide personalized travel suggestions that combine arbitrary modes of transportation including personal (car, walk, bike), shared (ZipCar, bikeshare), ride hailing (Lyft, Uber, etc.) and public (bus, subway, train, etc.) options.

Users can download the app from Apple or Google Play stores. When they are ready to take a trip, they will enter their destination and choose if they want to leave now or arrive by a certain time, then click route to see all potential trip options. We have partnered with many of the public and private transportation modes and companies in the Los Angeles area. Specifically, the app includes private options such as FlitWays, Lyft, Uber and ZipCar, as well as public options such as LA Metro, Metrolink, motorbike, bicycle, taxi and car and parking partner ParkWhiz.

If a user takes a certain trip all the time, like going from home to work, the user can save it by clicking on the heart graphic. Eventually, the app will also begin to learn a user's preferences and begin recommending trip options based on the types of trips the user has taken in the past. For example, if a user often takes trips that include a bike or Lyft, the app will begin to recommend trips that include these transportation options.

Why should I use this app?

Our mobility app is the only transportation app on the market that includes multiple transportation modes as well as trips that combine public and private transportation options in a single trip. It also is the only one that shares the environmental impact of a trip, and will eventually encourage ride-sharing, and allow users to track financial, time and health-related goals. It also will be the only app to integrate booking and payments. The app is a one-stop shop that will meet all traveler needs.

Is trip planning limited to downtown LA?

Trip planning is not limited to the immediate downtown area, but the app is built to cover the LA Metro area. The app covers most of Los Angeles County, except for north of Angeles National Forrest (i.e. Palmdale, Lancaster or Gorman), Catalina Island and San Clemente Island. It also covers all of Orange County and parts of Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County.

Which transportation modes and companies are included in the app?

We have partnered with many of the public and private transportation modes and companies in the Los Angeles area. Specifically, the app includes private options such as FlitWays, Lyft, Uber and ZipCar, as well as public options such as LA Metro, Metrolink, motorbike, bicycle, taxi and car and in-door parking provider, ParkWhiz.

Transit providers that we support include LA Metro, Orange County Transportation Authority, OmniTrans, Big Blue Bus, Riverside Transit Agency, Glendale Beeline, Metrolink Trains, Greyhound US, Amtrak, Amtrak Chartered Vehicle, Amtrak California, Corona Cruiser, Laguna Beach Transit, Victor Valley Transit Authority, and Sunline Transit Agency.

Can I book an entire trip through the app?

It depends on which modes of transportation you have selected in your trip. Booking is currently restricted by what each company allows. For example, if you want to use a bike to get around, you'll need to physically go to the kiosk to book and pay. If you want to use Lyft, it will take you to the Lyft app where you can book. Our team is working with each company on seamless integration into the app to create an easier and more convenient user experience.

What is the timeline for upcoming features?

We are currently working on the payment function and plan to gradually launch it with the next version of the app.

Booking a full trip is currently restricted by what each company allows us to do. We are working with all companies to build a seamless integration within the app.

We're planning to include the dynamic ridesharing function by the middle of 2016. In the current version of the app, users will notice a 'Coming Soon' page where they can register to be notified when the function is available.

Can I turn off geolocation?

Yes, you can choose whether or not to send Conduent anonymous data by updating your preference in the app's settings.

What kind of data is shared with the city? Is a user's name attached to this data? Can the city watch their every move?

The data is completely anonymous, so the city will not be able to track where someone is or learn exactly where they've been or are going. The city will receive data such as: frequent destinations, most used modes of transportation and peak travel times.

How are you ensure security around ridesharing?

We are ensuring security by verifying phone numbers and email addresses, as well as by looking at mutual feedback, rating and reviews, and tracking of the driver.